OSEGS is a civil-society, non-profit organization that aims to foster understanding, share knowledge and connect communities in the sciences, culture, economics and governance, to facilitate the positive development of global society. As a political independent partner of the United Nations, OSEGS takes strategic actions to advance broader societal goals, such as the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, with an emphasis on collaboration, education and innovation. OSEGS specializes in creating alliances for multidisciplinary projects, works closely with existing local organizations and forms part of the United Nations Global Compact.

Company Focus: Sustainable Fashion

We care for the environment to preserve our future. We operate under the premise of being environmentally responsible and sustainable. We believe in responsible consumerism, which is why our designs are- in essence- original, timeless, and of the finest quality.
In this respect, each piece is as perfect now as it will be in years to come. Maria Malo ethical clothing line, a collection with an expression of life growing with us as we become a more sustainable society.
Our goal is to create a business that is restorative and regenerative by design, striving to incorporate as many circular materials as possible into our collections.


Company focus: Cyber Security

ThinkSecure is a group of cyber security specialists with years of experience that offers many solutions for different security topics. We are driven by passion and we strive for success, therefore we approach every project professionally and offer our clients a comprehensive and long-term consulting service. Besides that, we put the focus on our employees and their skills. No matter if you are looking for a data protection specialist, if you want to raise the awareness about information security within your company or if you looking for an expert to analyse your IT architecture, ThinkSecure is the best solution for you.

Company focus: BigData, DataScience and Artificial Intelligence

ValueData GmbH transforms data into values ​​- for your company and for the society.
With increasing digitalization, the expectations for data-driven company value creation is skyrocketing. At the same time, as a society we have the aspiration to apply powerful tools such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the sense of social added value.
We activate your data with classic BI / DWH solutions, modern big data architectures or complex analyzes with artificial intelligence or process mining. We create social values ​​with modern AI solutions that contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Company focus: Digital Transformation

PMC Services GmbH contributes to the digitalization of industry and society through innovative and visionary projects.
We drive digital transformation in a way that maintains timeless values ​​- values ​​such as fairness, respect, and equal opportunities for everyone.
The global sustainability goals are our guiding principle and we support their realisation with our work.